Monday, August 1, 2016

Camping World

If you're a regular around here, you've probably read some of my camping posts.  And you're probably wondering how I could write anything else about the subject.  How could this camping experience possibly be different than others?  Well, camping is kinda like snowflakes like that.  Except way less pretty and a lot more stinky.  Plus, this time we have houseguests with us for two weeks.  Craig's brother and family of five.  From Florida.  And they went camping with us for the first time ever.  But, this post isn't about that.

It's about taking matters into your own hands.
And making the world a better place.
By conquering camp stank. 

The last time I went camping I blogged about how you could use a Bota Box bladder to make a camp shower.  Of course, it was just an idea, I hadn't tried and tested it.  And since we were camping with 11 people instead of our usual 6, crammed onto one shared tent pad, it seems like a greater chance for world peace to result from annihilating the enemy; B.O.  That's why I decided to be part of the solution.  To banish camp stank on the cheap with my MacGyvered prototype of the DIY Bota Box Bladder Camp Shower.  

Step 1:  Drink subpar Bota Box wine cause camping.

Step 2:  Rinse & fill bladder with water.

Step 3:  Hang in the sun to warm.

Step 4:  Watch for the Camp Host so you don't get busted for using campground water for a shower.

Step 5:  Shower looking over your shoulder for Camp Host while getting environmentally friendly peppermint soap in your eye which causes it to sting.  (What's good for the environment isn't "tear free" apparently.)

Step 6:  Flaunt your clean hair by wearing it down and urging other campers to smell it until they are filled with envy by your practicality.

Caution:  Envy may or may not lead to world peace, but who cares, you're clean!  

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