Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picture Perfect

We thought we had taken our last road trip in Morocco. We were wrong. So we packed up the van with our traveling companions, the Greens, for one last adventure. This time to the cascades in Ouzoud.

Where we saw this beautiful waterfall.

And we hiked all the way down to the bottom of it and along the ravine until we  crossed this rickety bridge.

To get to our Rastafarian hideaway.

I'm not kidding it was very Rastafarian.  And very dirty.  Just ask Bob.

We had a choice to make.  We could either sleep on the open patio that is also open to the wild monkeys who inhabit the ravine.  Or stay in a yurt (which sounds like a method of birth control similar to an IUD), that is really a hut.  

These are the falls  next to our hut which made  a tranquil, cascading drone that wetting our yurts was a real possibility.  (But we wouldn't realize that until later.)

We walked past the reeds and into the cool refreshing water.  Or rather the frigid mountain water that froze the boys packages into the size of a pea.  (I'm just guessing.)

You can see here, Jade has already learned the super secret rastafarian hand gesture.  

Is Sky simply kicking back on a rock or warming his nipples and balls simultaneously?  I guess we'll never know.

See the shadow?  It looks like a monkey toting a brick right? River is obviously terrified. 

Conor testing the water.  And it failed.  To get up past his chest anyway.

Three of these things belong together
Three of these things are kind of the same
Can you guess which one of these doesn't belong here?
Now it's time to play our game (time to play our game).

Why does Craig look so warm in the water? Hmmm.

Wait.  Where are they going?

I wish that you would step back from that ledge, my friend.
And we have a Jumper!

First Third Eye Blind and then Toad the Wet Sprocket...

Then a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Add some Lord of the Flies, complete with home made spears.

Combined with a lack of running water and hygiene.

And that was our picture perfect weekend.


Chantel said...

"...that froze the boys packages into the size of a pea."

I nearly snorted coffee over that one, my dear. Your pics are excellent--what a weekend!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Wow. You guys really are adventuresome. Your Rastafarian getaway will long be remembered, I'm sure.

SherilinR said...

that's quite an adventure! sounds dirty, but happily memorable.

Cerebrations.biz said...

Do you plan to share this post with your kids

Joy Page Manuel said...

Pure FUN! (except for going to the loo, I suppose)

MuMuGB said...

Glad you had such a great time (apart from the lack of running water, obviously...). I like the green nail polish too..

MommaSachs said...

Great pictures!! Looks like a great time. That bridge looks scary! :)


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