Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Statistics Don't Lie

Rock the Kasbah started a little over a year ago as a way to share our African experience with our friends and family back home. Basically, so they would know we weren't dead. Then I started to get questions like "Hey I think my friend Zeke would really like to read your blog. Is that cool?" To which I probably replied with something like, "Is Zeke in prision with nothing better to do?" And then "Really, he wants to read our blog?" I'm still completely amazed that people we don't know around the world want to read our mini-adventures. Even if they are in jail. I'm still very flattered.

So here are some of the strange statistics of Rock the Kasbah's first year:

Weird keywords that bring up RTK:

Decolletage photo oops (This poor speller was the inspiration for the above photo)
Loerzel rocking the Kasbah (I like that we're actually rockin' it)
What does color do to my soul (My question is: are the colors talking to you?)
Evacuee kid song (I have NO idea what in the world this person wanted!)
Morocan movies porn (I DO know what this person wanted)
Faty sexxy ladies (I'm sure we were a REAL disappointment here)
Kasbah prostitue (I wonder how long he searched before he found that special lady of the hour.....or half-hour...or...2.6 minutes)
Unvagina friendly camel (Ok, I think this was my friend Lori seeing what bizarre thing would make RTK pop up or I hope it is. And yes, it actually works!)

Top ten most viewed RTK posts:

1. The Belly Dance post
2. House Hunters International
3. Decolletage and Lipstick
4. It's a Man's World
5. Opposites Attract
6. O Christmas Tree
7. Feed the World
8. Monopoly Money
9. One Grain of Rice
10. Hoarding

My personal favorites:

1. Attack of the Twisted Zombie Manniquins
2. Coffee, Donuts and Camels
3. The Other Man
4. The Color of My Soul
5. The Belly Dance Post
6. It's a Man's World
7. Cairo (uh oh)
8. Vintage Retro Back to Basics Christmas
9. (Yoga) ^2
10. Tony Bennett

Although most of our readers are from the US, Morocco and Canada, RTK has readers worldwide in places like:

South Africa
The UK
Mauritius (I didn't even know Mauritius was a country. I wonder if they have a curling team? I wonder if we started one if Iwe could be the best curlers in Mauritius?)
And the country who's flag is pictured above. Can anyone name it?

We've had nearly 10,000 hits since we started. Ok, so maybe alot of those people got here by mistake because they were looking for faty sexxy unvagina friendly prostitutes. But statistics don't lie. Probably just because they can't talk though...

Happy reading and thanks for a great first year! And as always, if you like what you read feel free to share us. Yes, even with your friend Zeke who's in jail.


JIM said...

lolol I love your humor and energy.. Looking forward to the new year

onesontwocats said...

Have you got a publisher yet? I'm serious. I'd buy your book in a heartbeat. Better yet, after you publish your book, you can sell the movie rights. Are you going to read your own audio book or let someone else do it? Congratulations on your 1st year.

The Loerzels said...

Thank you, I've gotten so many people saying the book thing I'm starting to believe there is some kind of alternate reality where that could actually happen. And I think I'd have Christopher Walken read the audio book.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first year of blogging. Looking at stats of how folks find a blog are always amusing. Sometimes one wonders how they end up at your own blog. I know I feel the same way when I look at mine.
Stopping by from Blog Entourage hop

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

LOL. No fun search hits like that for me yet.
New blog hop follower
Sweet T Makes Three

Red Nomad OZ said...

Haha! Yeah, the blogger searches show some weird stuff - sometimes I wonder what the searcher was actually hoping to find (although some of yours are crystal clear ...).

No idea about the flag - is it a micronation??!!

Have a great weekend!!

The Loerzels said...

Good guess, but it's Malta.

Zafira said...

I stumbled into your blog while reading I was just looking for info on what Americans experience while living in Morocco as I'm very interested in moving there. I've visited Morocco 3 times and am returning in November, but of course I'm sure living there is a lot different from visiting!

happytraveler said...

My aunt and I will be travelling to Morocco in March and I can't thank you enough for your blog. Life if so fascinating now that I can get every day details never found in "guide books" about living (and visiting) Morocco!

FWIW I found you from a friend who is currently living in Rabat when she facebooked your post about how living in Morocco takes PLANNING!


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