Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garbage Day

We moved into our house in Souissi nestled in here with the Korean and Iranian Embassies. What could be more cozy than that? I bet their welcome to the neighborhood parties are awesome! I'll be waiting anxiously for my invitation and I hope they serve korean sushi. I love that stuff.
On the same day we moved in our stuff got delivered from its slow boat ride over from the states. Since then we've been unpacking boxes and setting up the house. Of course the result of this is ......GARBAGE! Where do I put these boxes and how soon can they go? I've never seen my neighbors put their garbage out. So when is garbage day anyway? The answer the Moroccans gave us....everyday. After I laughed because I thought that was a joke I figured what the heck and Ember and I started to collect and haul the boxes and packaging materials to the front of our fortress-like gate that makes the house some weird Beverly Hills prison.
Now we wait. Please, please someone come and take it before it rains or gets blown accross the neighborhood and I have to recollect it. Ember and I go about unpacking even more stuff (I really didn't realize my kids had so many clothes or so many arts and craft supplies before.) By the time we leave to go walk to the grocery store, the pile is gone. I didn't see anyone and I didn't hear anyone, it's simply vanished. I don't know if they were taken by Moroccan garbage pickers, the garbage man or the Koreans. At this point I don't care who has it. I don't. YEEEESSSSSSS!!!
It has now been 5 days in the house and everytime I put garbage out it mysteriously vanishes. They're right. Everyday is garbage day! One can only hope that this is some extensive recycling program where they make garbage into eco-friendly jewelry sold for the empowerment of enterprising local moroccan women. I hope I'm gonna find that missing Rhode Island puzzle peice I have scoured the empty boxes for dangling from some womans ear. That's just my delusional optimism though. Its probably got something to do with Iran...

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