Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Upside of Downsizing

I'm at that stage in life where I'm starting to fantasize about downsizing.  Because that's what old people do.  Less stuff means less cleaning right?  But, I also can't deny that bigger is better.  Because I still have four kids living at home which requires I have a big car, a really large capacity washer and dryer and a Costo membership.  I also just ordered a king size bed to create the distance that I hope will bring my husband and I closer together or at the very least muffle his snores.  But, a big screen TV?  I didn't think we needed one.  Until, my husband convinced me we did.

I loaded up our big, old and heavy TV in the minivan to give it to Goodwill.  But, they gave it back.  Not to get political here, but I'm very pro-recycling.  However, I refuse to pay Best Buy $25 to recycle something for me.  So, I left the TV on the curb at the bottom of my driveway with a FREE sign on it.  And then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  By the next morning, it was finally gone.  I like to believe it's found a good home with another family, but the reality is someone from the HOA probably threw it in the dumpster because it was blighting the neighborhood.  However, I choose to believe my Disney-esque fantasy ending anyway.

The new 65" screen looked ridiculously huge hanging on the wall.  That was until I sat on the couch.  From where I could not only see the screen clearly, but I could read the channel guide without wearing my distance glasses.  Come to think of it, it's ridiculous that I spent years watching a screen so small I needed my distance glasses to see it.  Which I rarely did because I was too lazy to get off my ass to go get them.  Creating a fuzzy, yet very flattering nearsighted filter for TV viewing.  You probably already know this, because you've probably had a big screen HD TV for a decade or more, but a big screen high definition TV it's really the great equalizer.  Because everyone looks ugly on a large screen.  And really old.  I'm talking about people my age.  Which I sometimes forget is old.  Because I'm old, so I do that.

Most people who splurge a new TV want to expand their viewing options by also getting satellite TV.  Which, of course, is not what we did.  Instead, we reduced our viewing options by cancelling our cable.  And installing a free app called Pluto TV which has channels like Cats 24/7.  Which is exactly what it sounds like: all cat videos, all the time.  I don't even really like cats.  Not only that, it's a pain to access it.  For a technologically illiterate person like me, playing around with the remote control it more frustrating than fun.  And it requires me to go find my reading glasses so I can see the buttons on the remote.  In short, it's a very long process that requires a lot of swearing.  When really, all I want to see is when the shows I want to see (like cooking shows, Anthony Bourdain,  60 Minutes and Frontline) are on.  Because now that we've downsized we don't have any way to record shows to watch later.  We have to watch it when it airs (and run to the kitchen and/or bathroom during the commercial breaks) or we'll miss it.  Just like back in the olden days.  Good thing I'm an old fashioned girl who likes to watch PBS.

So,  I'd argue getting a big screen TV is part of our downsizing.  

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